YBK Publishing Highlights

YBK books can be purchased at any bookstore in the world

YBK books are listed and sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Borders and bookseller Websites worldwide

YBK books are selected for publishing solely on the basis of their contribution to scholarship. 

We publish only books meeting our high editorial criteria.  Read selections from each book we publish in the catalog listing on this website.

Royalty paid to author is 15% of list price. 

Authors are entitled by contract to purchase copies at 50% of list price for use in their own sales.

YBK books stay in print—they aren't put out of print because of small annual sales

Contracts are nonexclusive. Take your book where you want to, when you want to, even to another publisher! Cancelable on 30 days notice.  

YBK print-on-demand books are no different from books printed and bound on conventional presses.

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