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Changing Your Mind About Love:
What you need to know to have the relationship of a lifetime

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements                                                                                          v
Introduction                                                                                                    vii

PART I:        THE FAILURE OF INTIMACY                                                1

Chapter 1:     True Love, Gender and Other Notions                                        3
Chapter 2:     It's Bigger Than Both of You                                                     14

PART II:      THE PROMISE OF MUTUALITY: REAL LOVE                    23

Chapter 3:     Lessons for a Lifetime of Love                                                   25
Chapter 4:     You Can't Change Anyone Else. Or Can You?                          34
Chapter 5:     Entangled Emotions: Anger and Anxiety                                     47
Chapter 6:     Using Conflict to Strengthen Connection                                    58

PART III:      MAKING LOVE HAPPEN                                                    71

Chapter 7:     Emotional Awareness: Why Feelings Matter                              73
Chapter 8:     Empathy: Learning to Understand                                              91
Chapter 9:     Relational Communication:
                         How to Change How You Talk (and Listen)                        101 


Index                                                                                                           121


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