Your book will be fully and professionally copyedited, designed, typeset, proofread, printed, bound, and published under the direction of Publishing Synthesis, Ltd., a company that has produced books for traditional publishers since 1975. YBK Publishers is operated by the management and staff of Publishing Synthesis, Ltd., a book publishing packager whose website can be seen at The same expertise brought to the books shown there will be brought to yours

Let's define such terms as copyediting, design, typesetting, and others.


Our copyeditors will read every word in your manuscript. They will suggest changes in usage, punctuation, capitalization, and the like, that will make your text grammatically and typographically correct. Proper copyediting will not change the meaning or intent of your words. Your manuscript will be returned to you at this stage for review--in case we suggest changes that you do not agree with. This is exactly the procedure followed by traditional publishers.


Each manuscript we publish must be converted from the simplistic style of your word-processed manuscript to the typesetting that becomes the final appearance of the pages of your book. Page styles vary according to the need of the book as determined by (among other things) market expectation for given kinds of books--romances look subtly different from thrillers; fiction, in general, looks different from nonfiction. Sometimes a book is given wide margins and largish type in order to have it achieve a greater page length while another may need smaller type size and margins in order to contain its pages within an economical range--for instance, to permit a lesser selling price than its competition. We will not only give your book professional design, but we will consider its resultant length in order to optimize its marketability. We will design an interior and cover that will optimize your book's marketability.

The traditional publisher's marketing department spends a great deal of time reviewing, selecting and discussing what should appear on the cover of a book. Almost invariably, an author's suggestion is overruled. We don't agree that the publisher knows the market better than the author. Publishers don't write the books that capture the attention of the reader so how can it know better what best appeals to that reader? YBK Publishers will happily accept and reproduce the cover you have in mind or discuss with you why we think something else would work better. We will add our professional knowledge about what can or cannot be done within the parameters of the technology and be sure that this is carried forth into the final product. 


We will convert your word-processed manuscript into typesetting files. (Reissues of out-of-print books may be retypeset if they were previously in the smaller, "mass market" format or if revision to the previous work is necessary, but we will generally scan the previously published work. You will need to provide two copies of your book which will not be returned to you.) During the typesetting process you will receive a set of proofs on which you will mark any corrections or changes that you wish to make. (These used to be called galley proofs at the time when typesetting was done in one long string of lines prior to being broken into individual pages. You will see the actual pages right away.) Unless they are retypeset, previously published out-of-print books returning to print cannot be corrected and proofs will not be shown.

Unlike word processor files, the typesetting files we create can be used by both regular printing companies and print-on-demand technology. The very same files we create to produce books one at a time are accepted, without modification, by the nation's largest printers for use on their printing presses. They will require no modification to be instantly usable on conventional web-printing equipment


Because the typesetting process is a custom procedure that can introduce error, we  professionally proofread all our publications.  In addition, the author must carefully proofread his or her pages. Any errors we find are merged with the corrections or changes the author makes in the proof set and these are corrected prior to final typesetting.

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